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‘Julian will be back soon’: Bayern Munich coach had Nagelsmann’s strong word

‘Julian will be back soon’: Bayern Munich coach had Nagelsmann’s strong word

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from: Florian Schimack

Oliver Kahn was in focus this weekend. First match against BVB, discussion with Lothar Matthaus. Finally, the FCB chairman was a guest on Sky 90.

MUNICH – Oliver Kahn probably knows what’s in store for him this weekend. After all, a lot has happened in the two weeks since Bayern Munich’s last Bundesliga game.

The fact that things finally got wild should have surprised the CEO of Record Champions. The concrete discussion with Lothar Matthaus live on Sky before the first match against BVB. Then the attack of the Nagelsmann management and the subsequent support of the sporting director Hasan Salihamidzic.

The sport side took a back seat. Thomas Tuchel made his debut in a 4-2 victory at the Allianz Arena. Little has been said about it. But Kahn commented on all the other topics at the end of the intensive weekend Sunday evening Sky 90.

Oliver Kahn (left) spoke on Sky on Sunday evening about Julian Nagelsmann and his future. © IMAGO / MIS

Oliver Kahn on Sky90 about…

… ski holiday data from Uli Hoeneß: I don’t want to start discussions of ‘what if?’ “Now. Never, I’ve tried to explain the decision. There’s no point in going into detail now. You also have to accept that we’ve made a decision now.”

… the controversy with Matthäus in front of the Sky cameras and whether something stuck: “What do you mean, something stuck? It has to do with Lothar’s statement that we stepped on ‘Mia san Mia’. You have to be very careful there. Especially if he then names any sources. Hassan and I have been FC Bayern Munich for more than 20 years. We raised Mia San Mia with breast milk. But times have changed of course. It will be a topic of what Mia San Mia means also in full size. I think Didi (Hamann, studio sky expert, editor’s note.) We still remember, we played with Lothar. It was noisy at times. It’s also ‘Mia san mia’, which you two argue with and make out with each other sometimes.”

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Bayern coach Kahn wants to ignore Nagelsmann’s case: “You don’t have to worry about Julian”:

… Julian Nagelsmann and whether he missed something in leading a superstar team like Bayern Munich: “We followed Julian’s path and were convinced he had what it took. The five-year contract was more or less symbolic. I don’t have to attack Julian now, we’ve always had an open relationship. I’m convinced he’ll use that experience. With his quality, you don’t have to worry about him.”

…the method of substitution with Nagelsmann: “You have to see that now, I can’t imagine he’ll be a coach anywhere else this year. Everything has to settle down now. But the way I met him, he loves football and he’ll be back soon.”

… remarks to Nagelsmann management: “With love, I understand that there is a demand. But I don’t want to talk more about how the decision was made. The situation is what it is. We are happy that we won the match yesterday.”

.Other major European clubs stick to their coach: “This compares apples to oranges. It’s a completely different situation with Liverpool and Jurgen Klopp. I only hear pressure when you come to Bayern Munich. But that’s also magic. But if we come to the conclusion that the team’s performance has deteriorated and they are no longer satisfied with it, then we have an obligation.” at work.

Oliver Kahn on Sky90 on Sadio Mane problem: ‘He’s still looking for it’

The right place for Sadio Mane: “Sadio is a phenomenon in his own way. He is still looking for Bayern Munich. He gets all the support from us, from the officials and from the coach as well. We hope he has an explosion of performance. He showed at Liverpool what kind of player he can be.”

.Manny’s problem: “Take the Champions League final he played with Liverpool. Then he came from outside. But we have a lot of competition there. He doesn’t know that and maybe he’s not used to it. He also played in the middle before, but then Choupo came in, great. Like every player, he is currently in a competitive battle.”

... Harry Kane and whether this is a topic on Säbener Straße: “For us, only the next two months are problematic. They will be stressful enough.”

Fine for Manuel Neuer? Oliver Kahn on Sky90: ‘We’re on the exchange’

Manuel Neuer and his health: “Manuel is on the right path, but the situation is not easy for him. But he has proven in the past that he can fight his way back. Hopefully he will be back soon.”

… Possible subsequent penalty due to the interview: “We are in exchange. We talk. Everything and nothing in life is possible.”

…the fact that they weren’t fined because Neuer did so much for the club: “Yes, that’s how it goes. Manuel has made an incredible amount of money for the club. With some distance, if you look back on the matter. Bayern Munich has always been distinguished for not forgetting his achievements.”

… Possible return of Tony Tabalovic: “No, we made a clear decision there.” (smk)