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July 19 – August 31, 2024: Salzburg Festival 2024

July 19 – August 31, 2024: Salzburg Festival 2024

Salzburg Festival – The most important part of the world festival of opera, music and drama. The program includes a classic version of ancient world actresses and various tips for young children.

Program of the Salzburg Festival 2024

The regional program of the Salzburg Festival includes 172 festivals over 44 days on 15 different farms. Among the most recent productions – “Igrok” by Prokofieva, “Miluserdi Tita” by Motta RTA and “Skaski Goffman” by Offenbacha. In the field of drama, there are not only many new entries “Obyvatel”, but also artists Stefana Zivga, Tomasa Manna, as well as Ischila, Sophocles and Evripida. Creating Ouverture Spirituelle in the same year — “Et exspecto” — on good manners and an unexpected lifestyle.

the opera

In Opera's first participation of the summer of 2024 – the people of the region. This production, like Offenbacha's “Skazki Goffmana”, Prokofieva's “Igrok”, Wain berga's “Idiot”, Mozarta's “Don Zhuan” and “Milocerdie Titita”, depicts different ionerov characters. This is why concerts are great.


New drama director Marina Davydova in her program brings out to the audience the history of man and his body. In this case, the texts are used by authors, such as Cwye, Tomas Mann and Eshil, Sofok L and Evripid, and they are still integrated in the future. One of the most important details is the new publication of the goddess, the background of the Hofmannsthal “Obyv atelь”, the main event of the Salzburg Festival. The main role is played by Philipp Hochmeier as the game lover and owner of Piasko роли romantики. In the program there is a compositional discussion with the artificial mind Hana Morpheus and the Turkish message from Alexei Naval on the Michael Martí Ensa mission.

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The 2024 concert program celebrates the 150th birthday of Arnolda Sheinberg in the cast. The Vensk Filarmony presents a wide range of concert programs under the direction of director Lynem Gerberta Blomstedta, Andressa Nelsonsa, Riccardo Muti, Gustavo Dudamelia and Yanica Nizzi-Segina. Host series credit “Orkester as a host” – Orkestr “Utopia”, Hor Monteverdi, Solisty English Baroque, Collegium Vocale 1704, West Couch Orchestra, Berlin Filar Monastic Orchestra, Young Orchestra Gustava Painter and Symphony Orchestra нского радио ORF . . The upcoming program for the summer of 2024 includes “Smoking Equipment,” with the song “Mo Song,” an evening song, as well as a camera and a church concert.

Youth program of the Salzburg Festival

The youth program of the Salzburg Festival 53 includes outstanding musical theatre, drama, interactive and early arts with many distinct educational elements. In September 2024, the event was announced as a “Festival Sponsor”, a stand for young festival lovers in the festival world. The popularity of Opera Camp is great for the kids and my family who stay from 9-17 at night.