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KAC – Bolzano 5:3 |  The Red Jackets’ Christmas outfits turn out to be combat outfits

KAC – Bolzano 5:3 | The Red Jackets’ Christmas outfits turn out to be combat outfits

Anything can happen in a match against Bolzano. Unpredictability is a constant companion. And sometimes it can definitely be a personal matter. KAC gave up a two-goal lead. But in the end, Klagenfurt won 5:3. Because Sebastian Dahm & Co. regained the necessary focus at the right time.

The Red Jackets got off to a perfect start. Four minutes later, the home team led 2-0. Luka Gombock scored first, then Matt Fraser scored in the slot. It took the Italians about 13 minutes before they were able to find the rhythm of the match. Until then, Kuwait Airways, competing in Christmas outfits, had dominated. Just before the end of the third period, goalkeeper Daham had to distinguish himself for the first time.

Bolzano came again

Similar to Klagenfurt, he started by weighing the midsection. First on the power play (Thomas), then happily through the outside post, finishing off Dustin Gazley. But KAC clawed its way back step by step and Clemens Unterweger took the lead again with a hammer. Thomas Valent increased to 4:2. But Posen’s side also showed a similar fighting spirit, upping the tempo and undeservedly unable to score the next goal with 83 seconds left.

But the Red Jackets kept calm and Lucas Hadum made the decision. In the end, KAC legends like Markus Berman, Team Geers, Johannes Kirissets and others, who chose Kirk Fury as player of the evening, caused a lot of laughter. With such a positive mood, the people of Klagenfurt are well prepared for the derby against VSV next Sunday.

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By the way: In the match that will be held at home against Salzburg (December 20), the exceptional Kuwaiti club player Thomas Koch will be farewelled and honored.

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