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KAC completely abandons the match against Ljubljana

KAC completely abandons the match against Ljubljana

KAC stumbled in the struggle for the top spot and lost to Olimpija Ljubljana 6:7 after a penalty shootout.

The Red Jackets started the game brightly and went into the first half with a 3-0 lead thanks to goals from Sablatnij (9), Janal (17/PP) and Hudom (19).

Less than ten minutes after the start of the second half, the Slovenians equalized this lead again. Pisevskis approaches the “Dragon” again (24/PP) and Zajek follows up with his first two goals of the evening (26, 29). Thanks to the individual performance of Bischofberger (33/PP), KAC still leads by a narrow 4:3 in the final third.

Zajc with a strong performance

Even in the final third, the visitors seemed to be able to pull away again and again, first through Haddom (45/PP) to make it 3:5 and through Fraser (53) to make it 4:6. However, two more goals from Miha Zajek (48th/PP, 55th), who was impressive that evening, and one from Goč (55th), rescued the Slovenians to extra time.

This was scoreless, after all, and a penalty shootout had to be used, with Miha Zajek – who else – scoring the decisive goal for Ljubljana.

The Kuwaiti club remains in third place with 56 points and is still within reach of the top of the standings. On the other hand, Ljubljana collects important points in the struggle for the preliminary qualifiers and is now defending the necessary tenth place with 34 points.