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KAC really reached for the stars today

KAC really reached for the stars today

KAC is having an impressive starting season, as since January 6th there has been no other leader in the ICE League than the Athletes. The gap between him and the chaser Fehervar is currently eight points, and a big step could be made today. Because the Hungarians are playing their best match in the sold-out Heidi Horten Stadium. If Klagenfurt wins, they will be eleven points ahead of Fehrvar, who could theoretically pick up another twelve points after that. The Red Jackets likely won't be able to clinch their first-round win and thus their first round-robin pick as well as home-field advantage in the final. They cannot be knocked out of the top two anyway. Two points are enough to secure qualification for the Champions Hockey League – for the fifth time ever.

During the international break, they did not give up the reins and worked hard with the team “to keep the momentum going.” “Ultimately, you want to find the right rhythm at this stage before the qualifiers,” says assistant coach Dave Fisher. “We are strong physically and mentally.” ».

Three players are out of the game, one is back

However, the Red Jackets will have to do without Paul Postma and Simeon Schwinger, who are training again after injuries. Nicky Krause, who was injured in the 6-1 derby win before the international break, will almost certainly not play either. This also applies to Matt Fraser, whose suitability will be determined later today. Lucas Hadum, who had been ill recently, is back again.

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Even if the big things for the season are only decided after the regular round, with the top division on the horizon, KAC are already reaching for the stars today.