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Kate's cancer led to a break with old traditions

Kate's cancer led to a break with old traditions

Princess Catherine is currently unable to attend appointments due to her chemotherapy. Kate's health is also William's top priority.

Princess Kate In March, she announced that she had cancer after undergoing surgery. She is receiving chemotherapy as a precaution and is not currently attending any public appointments. In her video message, she also requested privacy for herself and her family. Kate and William have three children – Prince George, Princess Charlotte And Prince Louis.

In order to be there for Kate and his children, Prince William also temporarily retreated from the spotlight. Firstly Three and a half weeks after announcing that his wife had been diagnosed with cancer, British Prince William returned to his official duties, which he will likely have to do for a longer period without Kate.

Prince William was missing BAFTA Television Awards

This year, William and Kate completely abandoned the tradition that the couple has maintained until now. The heir to the throne was not present at the BAFTA TV Awards on May 12, which has already sparked whispers in the lead-up to the event.

Prince William has been president of the Film and Television Foundation since 2010. He and Kate have always traditionally welcomed guests at events. Kate in particular always attracted attention with her glamorous dresses at the BAFTA TV Awards.

Prince William attended the BAFTA Film Awards alone in February this year. He explained at the time: “I'm sorry Kate's not here. She loves the BAFTAs.”

At the time, all the public knew was that the Princess of Wales was recovering from a planned abdominal surgery.

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The well-being of Kate and the children is William's top priority

It is believed that William was visiting BAFTA TV Awards to be with his family. His wife's illness is said to be putting a huge strain on Prince William's private life. The heir to the throne must provide Kate with the best possible support, while he is now an “anchor” for their three children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis. Elsa Andersonformer press secretary of Queen Elizabeth II

Royal biographer Robert Lacey “From what we know about their personal lives, the most precious and beautiful thing for William and Kate is spending time with their children,” he says. William faces an unprecedented challenge. “Whether you're a prince or a poor person, no one would expect both father and wife to get cancer,” a palace insider tells us. the people.