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Katie Holmes: How the problems with her daughter, Suri, are affecting her

Katie Holmes: How the problems with her daughter, Suri, are affecting her

Your daughter’s safety Suri Cruz has to Katy Holmes Top priority. Since her separation from Tom Cruise As a single mother, the actress is responsible for Suri’s well-being. What had been bothering Holmes for years was the paparazzi who kept stalking her daughter.

Constantly threatening Suri’s privacy

Katie Holmes and Divorce Tom Cruise received overwhelming media attention. Holmes and her ex-husband decided to keep quiet about their separation, which sparked endless speculation. As a result, Katie was followed at every step by hordes of paparazzi, which is why she decided to move to New York with Suri at the time.

After their headline-grabbing divorce in 2012, photo hunters followed Holmes and Suri’s every move. “It was a lot of attention, and I had a little kid on top of that,” Holmes once recalled in an interview. The actress recently spoke to in style Perhaps in the hardest moments: “We were followed around a lot when she was little. I wanted her outside, so I made her rounds at six in the morning to find the parks when no one saw us.”

A few years ago, Holmes temporarily moved to Los Angeles with Suri because she was tired of being insecure with the paparazzi in the Big Apple. Meanwhile, mother and daughter live in New York again.

Katie Holmes: Staying strong for her daughter

Holmes has now spoken to the magazine luster She revisits her daughter growing up surrounded by paparazzi and how this affected her behavior as a mother. She tries to protect the now 16-year-old as best she can.

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“What was really important to me about my daughter, because she was so visible at such a young age, is that I really like to protect her,” said the former Dawson’s Creek actress. She is grateful to be a Syrian mom. The 44-year-old added that her daughter is a wonderful person.

Tom Cruise reportedly had no contact with his biological daughter for years. Being a single parent wasn’t always easy for Holmes. As a working mother, she also relied on the support of those around her to raise her daughter. The 44-year-old once said, “A lot of people I didn’t know became my friends and helped us.” Her mother always helped her a lot. Holmes once described her experiences as a single mother as “intense”. She often doubted if she was enough for her daughter, but she always tried to be the best mother for her.