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Kenya's election result is still open four days after the vote was cast

Kenya’s election result is still open four days after the vote was cast

Reuters Other media analyzed preliminary results from 291 electoral districts published on the Electoral Commission website. These have not been verified by party representatives and are therefore not part of the official count. By Saturday morning, Roto had received nearly 53 percent of the vote, and Odinga only 46 percent. matter Reuters And other media are based only on the preliminary results, but take into account a greater number of votes than the official interim results of the Election Commission.

The complex counting procedure with the party’s control rights is the result of previous votes, where allegations of fraud led to violent riots that left hundreds dead. Odinga, 77, insists the win was stolen from him in the past three presidential elections.

According to the Electoral Commission, about 60 percent of the 22.1 million eligible voters cast their ballots on Tuesday. In the previous elections in 2017, turnout was nearly 80 percent. Disillusionment with the government’s handling of economic problems, such as high food and fuel prices and drought in the north of the country, has been blamed on low turnout.

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