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Kevin Bacon: Greed and corruption are ‘widespread’ in the United States

Kevin Bacon: Greed and corruption are ‘widespread’ in the United States

He is one of the most diverse actors in Hollywood. At the same time, he was not taken seriously after his first roles in short-lived TV series and the comedy “Animal House”. The breakthrough play came with “Dinner” and he danced to the star through “Footloos”. Kevin Bacon, 61, is filming the series “City on a Hill” (in Austria). Sky Atlantic), In which he plays a mentally ill, sometimes corrupt, detective investigator.

Courier: Your performance in “City on a Hill” is reminiscent of old Hollywood classics and reminds you of James Cogni or Humphrey Bogart. Is it intentional?

Kevin Bacon: I understand this man I play, Jackie, to be cast in this role not only once in the 2 hour film, but over several seasons. That’s what I call the luxury of television – the opportunity to stay in someone’s shoes for a long time and get to know them well. I feel now that I can be written in any situation, and I know immediately and intuitively how Jackie will act.

Did you learn anything about city politics from the series?

It’s interesting that you bring it up. I recently saw the very long – I think four and a half hours – movie “City Hall” on the 2020 Leaderboard. Funnily enough, this is about Boston. The film was very political, very dry, but for me it was fascinating. My father was the chairman of the Urban Planning Commission in Philadelphia, where I grew up, and I had a vision of how it worked from a young age. In City on a Hill, set up in the 1990s, you understand how many decisions can be made depending on who is helping, who knows, and who is paying the bribe. This is common in Boston, but I can not imagine other cities not doing this.

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