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Kick-off at all levels - Vikings franchise in Vienna announces three investors

Kick-off at all levels – Vikings franchise in Vienna announces three investors

There was active media interest at today’s Viking Vienna press conference at the General Arena, where the guests of the podium were – Robin LumsdenAnd Carl Worm And Patrick Isom – In addition to sporting ambitions, she highlighted above all the economic aspect of the football franchise.

The Vienna Vikings franchise model, which launched in September 2021, is facing a very special kind of premiere season. In the fast-growing sport of American football, the start of the 2022 UEFA Europa League will be on June 4, the Champions League’ in American football in Europe By.As one of twelve teams from five countries, the Vienna Vikings, Vienna’s No. 1 in football, are new to the first division in American football.The Vienna franchise, founded in September 2021, welcomes Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Istanbul and Innsbruck Wroclaw and Barcelona at the General Arena After the first season of ELF, football will once again fly across European stadiums in the summer of 2022.

New co-owner Lumsden brings the spirit and strategy of American football to the table

But it is not only the start of the league that brings excitement and a new dimension to the world of football. New investors with American background want to support the Vikings’ professional push at all levels. From sporting success to home gaming show and entertainment to the intimate networking of sports and entrepreneurship. With professional structures and strong partners from the business world. The American lawyer and businessman who joined as co-owner just in time for the season kicks off Robin Lumsden As a former Baden Bruins/Südstadt Rangers quarterback, he brings active football experience as well as an established American business ethos and new styles. He wants to give the Vienna Vikings new economic, structural and sporting perspectives through his US network. With the aim of establishing the Vikings at the helm of professional American football in Europe for the long term.

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New Franchise Model – Ambitious Sports Goals

“In addition to the sporting challenges, the economic challenges our youngsters face are of course enormous – especially in their first year in the league. That is why we are happy and proud to welcome three heavyweights to our ranks as shareholders, Robin Lumsden, Konstantin Borgesser and Marcus Kretschmar.” Carl Worm CEO of Vienna Vikings Franchise, on the occasion of today’s announcement of the co-owners who have demonstrated knowledge, commitment and behind-the-scenes network connections for several months.

The preparations are incredibly intense, Werm says. But in terms of sports, they are in a very good position. “It is a pleasure to watch the team train. Extreme talent paired with team harmony that I rarely experience.” CEO Wurm is excited and thus distracts his head coach, Chris Kalaykaiand staffing staff Rosen.

“We do not hide the fact that our sporting goals are ambitious. We Vikings want to be a team to win. This ambitious goal is absolutely clear to every player and every coach.”

UEFA Europa League Success Model

Patrick Isom, one of the European Football Association’s main initiators, serves as a commissioner in that league. He came up with the idea for ELF five years ago; In 2021 this league became a reality. “My first drive has always been my passion for sport, and the league’s plan and implementation as a business model are all built on this. “American football is the greatest sport on the planet and ELF must finally give it the stage it deserves,” Isom said.

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Vienna Vikings join the European League for the second year. Doe has always been the absolute cornerstone of American football in Europe. The location of Vienna, with its central location in Europe, is also important for the future of ELF. “It was clear that a successful European Football League had to be built on three pillars: it had to be overall European, have a Champions League feel and be truly competitive. I am confident that ELF will firmly establish American football in Europe within four to five years. I’ve already seen the Vikings in Vienna as one of the candidates in their first year.”Esume continues.

A franchise system should provide teams with security and predictability, but also reliability for partners and investors.

In the long term, 24 teams from 10 to 12 countries will play in the European Football League. American football is already the number 2 sport behind football in Europe. So Patrick Isom finally. subordinate National Television Partners 4 . pulse Starting this season, UEFA Europa League matches will be broadcast live on Free TV every weekend. This partnership is necessary and important in order to create a successful professional league in Europe and give the sport and the players the right stage.

Live Streaming UEFA Europa League on PULS 24

Close contact with the economy should lead to more football boom

Co-owner of the New Vikings Robin Lumsden He wants to use his diverse experience as an active athlete, Officer Jagdkommando, a lawyer with successful commercial law firms in Vienna and New York and as a political consultant in the United States and Austria for new models and collaborations in the Vikings: The sport needs professional management and strong networks. This is more firmly established in the United States than in Europe: there I experienced how fruitful the contributions of entrepreneurs and committed investors in sports can be. I want to instill that spirit and the inspiring role of football as part of the American performance culture even more strongly in the Vikings in Vienna,” explains Lumsden.

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Lumsden has several plans:

“As an elite graduate of Stanford and Berkeley, I have been very close to college players living their dreams of playing in the NFL. The goal is to support young players from the Football Vikings Program, especially talented graduates from the Vienna Vikings Football Academy, in obtaining athletic scholarships In major colleges with famous football programs.I will also invite Stanford alumni who work in the NFL or owners of NFL teams to Vienna so that the players can also recommend themselves this way.The interest in the European Football League is enormous in the United States.And with it Take care of the Vikings and their players.”

“Football is the prime example of American performance culture — in sports as well as in interaction with entrepreneurs and investors,” Lumsden says. “Fitness, smart strategy and an unconditional will to perform are key keys to success – in football as well as in successful management. Or in innovative, future-oriented management of a successful franchise operation like the Vikings. As part of my support for this fantastic club, I plan to contribute my relevant experience and my international network to support The Vikings are taking important steps towards greater professionalism.