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Killing Drednaw reduces damage to Zapdos

Killing Drednaw reduces damage to Zapdos

Drednaw’s final kill during a Pokémon UNITE match puts players at a disadvantage in the Battle of Zapdos – their damage is weakened.

pokemon unite It surprises its players again and again with its newly discovered mechanics and does not guarantee a favorable impression. The latest example is an interaction already known among Japanese society, but is only now causing some excitement in the rest of the world: the team that is the last to appear dreadnau It settles in the bottom lane, causing the following to occur 90 seconds by 55 percent Less damage to Zapdos.

Since games are often set at this exact time period as part of the Battle of Thunderbird, this represents one big flaw The chances are better for the winning team so far to secure this kill, so that the developer’s intention behind the hidden mechanisms is to rest back It should be – but these are already in Pokémon UNITE anyway More than just lying down. At the same time, the interaction can seriously damage the late team, which got the last kill of Drednaw to start the comeback, in the decisive battle for Zapdos.

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