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King Arthur: Knight's Tale: Strategy RPG has a fixed release date

King Arthur: Knight’s Tale: Strategy RPG has a fixed release date

For some time now, Neocore Games has been working on the role-playing game King Arthur: Knight’s Tale. In the meantime, the work has progressed enough to inform a final release date now.

after this King Arthur: A Knight’s Tale Already available in Early Access on PC, the full version is now nearing completion. Neocore Games has not been lazy and at the same time is making decisive steps regarding version 1.0.

For this reason, the release date for the full version was announced today via a press release. Those interested in role-playing tactical turn-based battles can mark February 15, 2022 in red on their calendar. However, from the announcement, it wasn’t clear if the date applies only to PC or also to releases planned as well for Xbox Series X/S and PS5.

What exactly does the final 1.0 of King Arthur: Knight’s Tale offer you? Compared to Early Access, of course, the full story campaign is available. There are over 30 playable heroes and six different classes. The upper level limit will be increased to 30, and you can expect more than 50 missions including side missions, endgame mode after completing the campaign, and optional PvP mode.

In keeping with the announcement of the date, a new developer video has also been released, which you can watch attached. In this, the creators go to the gameplay classes in more detail.

Keyword Early Access: There will be a final update for this game’s December release, which will include the first iterations of the PvP function.

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King Arthur: Knight’s Tale – Classes & Character Management Trailer

Just in time to announce the release date, the designers are taking a look at the different classes in the game.