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King Charles has survived prostate surgery well

King Charles has survived prostate surgery well

Charles underwent a routine procedure to treat an enlarged prostate. The king announced his illness to encourage the other men to investigate.

British King Charles III. He underwent prostate surgery on Friday and went well. According to a report in The Sun, Queen Camilla also said that the 75-year-old monarch is doing well. Charles underwent a routine procedure to treat an enlarged prostate. This is a common disease and can be easily treated. He had visited the same private clinic (London Clinic) as Princess Kate (42 years old), who underwent abdominal surgery.

According to reports, Charles visited his daughter-in-law, who is still recovering there, before the surgery. It was not known at first what she was suffering from. But it doesn't have to be cancer. Normally, the health diagnoses of the British royal family are always kept secret. However, in the case of Charles's prostate, the palace appears to have made an exception. A statement before the operation said the king was happy because his diagnosis had a positive impact on public health awareness. It is said that the king decided to do this to encourage other men to examine themselves.

Many older men suffer from an enlarged prostate that requires treatment. The reason for its expansion is not yet fully understood. An enlarged prostate does not cause any immediate symptoms, but it can be noticed by a narrowing of the urethra, a weak urethra, and an increased urge to urinate, even at night.

Depending on the stage of the disease, various medications or eventually surgical interventions, which are usually minimally invasive, can eventually help. Erectile function is impaired in less than one percent of men. According to German urologist Maurice Stefan Michel, fertility suffers greatly. In 80% of surgical cases, at least part of the ejaculate goes into the urinary bladder after the operation and is excreted. (APA/DPA)

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