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Kitzbühel: Cyprien Sarrazin left her torn apart after destroying Streif's double hotel bed and topless party with Odermatt

Kitzbühel: Cyprien Sarrazin left her torn apart after destroying Streif's double hotel bed and topless party with Odermatt

Although the second landing was scheduled to take place the next day, Sarrazin did not miss the opportunity to celebrate the victory flight in a “crazy” way: “We celebrated a little as a team in my room beforehand. We broke the bed.” It is an Austrian television station.

He added, as a matter of discipline: “My apologies to the hotel.” However, he does not regret the party: “It was great to celebrate like this with the whole team. We are good friends, it was good.”

And the chamber party didn't detract from his outstanding form: the 29-year-old was unbeatable on Saturday either. He outperformed Odermatt, who was already confident of victory after his trip, by an impressive margin of 0.91 seconds and Italian Dominique Paris by 1.44 seconds.

After the double on the most legendary downhill course in the world, it seemed that all the dams had been broken for the World Cup runner-up: together with Odermatt he visited the famous Kitzbühel bar “The Londoner” – a long-standing tradition for winners of the “Streif”.

Sarrazin and Odermatt play the Swiss national anthem

The pub's motto is “If the cliff doesn't kill you, the Londoner will.” Sarrazin and World Cup rival Odermatt have demonstrated this admirably.

Footage on “X” shows the two standing behind the bar, shirtless and clearly drunk, singing the Swiss national anthem. Odermatt appears to be putting words in Sarrazin's mouth. Playing the winner's anthem is also a tradition in London. Sarrazin returned to the hotel only around 6.30am, he told his Eurosport France colleagues a few hours later – and was particularly happy that Formula 1 legend Sebastian Vettel had congratulated him at the evening's party.

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Odermatt and Sarrazin are not children of sadness and do not miss the opportunity to celebrate together. Odermatt: “I went out with Ciprian for the first time in Chile last summer, and we met at a party in Wengen last week. I can say that Ciprian can also keep up with parties very well.”

Odermatt's hoarse voice after several days of partying can attest to this. Sarrazin also talked about a “crazy night” in Wengen. “Of course it is not best for the body to celebrate this way, but it is important for the mind.” So it seems to work for both…

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