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Klaus Mitterdorfer, President of the Austrian Football Association: Let’s do it as we always do

Klaus Mitterdorfer, President of the Austrian Football Association: Let’s do it as we always do

Seen cynically, the guys at the Austrian Football Association (ÖFB) presidency really know how to let the ball roll. The ball in this case is the presidency, which the heads of state skillfully pass to each other. The nomination of the President of the Carinthian State League has a stale aftertaste Klaus Mitterdorfer Chief Football Officer.

A real change that Austria’s largest sports association after a short but turbulent era Gerhard Milich Much needed, of course, looks different. With the recent internal solution, the chances that the necessary calm will return to the ÖFB in earnest to face major challenges and numerous construction sites are slim. The primary motive (again) seemed to be blocking – i.e., an external filter.

Klaus Mitterdorfer


Of course, the new president must always be judged by his actions, which is why time must be given to Klaus Mitterdorfer, who will not be formally elected until June. But words also carry a lot of weight in this job. And in this case, the first statements of the 57-year-old make me think for several reasons.

About his motives in the course of the selection process, Mitterdorfer said, there would not be anyone the Presidium believed capable of taking over. This must sound like a mockery of those successful private entrepreneurs who are also called ahead – like a board member of a well-known insurance company.

Another statement of the appointed Austrian Confederation President was more disturbing to me. Until his election, Mitterdorfer wants to provide a concept for the future of the Austrian Football Association. Shouldn’t this already be available in the context of nomination in a company that has around 60 million euros at its disposal each year? Battle of the best and bravest ideas?

In fact, there are also positive points. For example, a UEFA president could show his past as a football player and coach at the domestic league level. This brings it closer to the base than its predecessors.

Courier columnist Mark Janko

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In my opinion, this is not the most important quality for the best football coach in the country. Networking and business contacts are most important to the head of the ÖFB. Without knowing Klaus Mitterdorfer, I cannot read these qualities from Vita, Deputy Director of the Carinthia Medical Association.

However, we wish him all the best in this important mission in Austrian sport. Although one gets the feeling that nothing is going to change at the ÖFB any time soon.

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