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Klimt and cake for international celebrities in Belvedere

Klimt and cake for international celebrities in Belvedere

Online retailer Mytheresa and luxury brand Miu Miu brought international celebrities to Vienna for a small ceremony that attracted huge appeal.

The phrase you hear most often these days when you introduce yourself as coming from Vienna during a dinner party in Paris, Milan or Berlin (in German, anyway) is: “Vienna will definitely have a moment.” On the radar as a (luxury) tourist destination, Vienna is already represented in the best lists, and now also in one of the most beautiful Christmas markets, and with the return of tourism in large intercontinental cities, this machine is starting to appear again here as well.

Vienna is currently experiencing its “moment” as it has become a reference in the global fashion world and brands are bringing their international clients here for events. We also know about Louis Vuitton’s new flagship store in Graben, which has brought the entire LVMH luxury crew to Kohlmarkt. Then there was recently the opening ceremony of the new Hermès store a few doors down, where lines formed right out the door after opening during business hours. The party that Hermès then gave in the Prater was a topic of conversation and was also discussed in Munich and Hamburg.

Perfume-inspired sweets

A few days ago, French-American perfumer Ben Crigler was in town to present the new “Sissi” version of one of his creations to the world’s beauty press at his flagship store at Hansen Kempinski Palace. Kriegler was also excited by the energy of the city, which also inspired him to introduce a world-first mini dessert with a Kempinski pastry chef. “I love Vienna, and I come here at least three times a year,” said Kriegler, who has continued the delicatessen tradition of the family-owned brand he revived.

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Sofia Stolz presented a brightly colored cake (left), and Marilyn Rubik, Anouk Lam Anouk and Sophie Royer pose with green fir trees. available

Later on Wednesday, it was also about sweet treats in the Upper Belvedere District: online retailer Mytheresa and fashion label Miu Miu celebrated their ten-year collaboration. International press and celebrities were flown in and invited to a relatively small dinner. For example, socialites Poppy Delevingne and Pixie Geldof walked through the museum rooms to hug Klimt — a first for many in attendance, which seems almost strange if you’re from Vienna. The few celebrities from Old Vienna, such as artist Anouk Lam Anouk and singer Sophie Royer, were more familiar with the local cultural treasures.

Guests were accommodated at the Hotel Sacher, where they ate schnitzel the next day, but Sophia Stolz, the very busy Instagram cake queen, took care of dessert. She has already created a pastry shop for Hermès handbags, launched a fleet of pastel-colored cakes in the Upper Belvedere district and held a concert of brightly colored cakes. The VIPs were then able to eat a real Sacher tart for breakfast the next morning to complete their “Viennese experience.”