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Kralicek goes out to eat: Questions like this: sweet or spicy?

But no one should ask the same question as often as the man or woman on the hot dog stand…

Some jobs bring with them certain questions. Over and over again the same questions that have to be asked day in and day out, thousands and thousands of times. “Could it be more deca?” (assistant in the sausage shop), “Someone rode?” (connective ÖBB), “Would you like a hot apple pie with it?” (McDonald’s employee), “Together or separately?” (waitress), “Where were you yesterday between seven and nine o’clock in the evening?” (Criminal police officer).

But no one should ask the same question as the man or woman on the hot dog stand: “Sweet or spicy?” What is meant is the nature of the mustard served with the sausage, and the question is justified. There is a big difference between dipping a Käsekrainer, Waldviertler, or Frankfurter in sweet or spicy mustard. The nature of sausage changes radically. With spicy mustards she shows a distinct edge, with sweet mustards she is more willing to compromise.

Sweet or spicy? It’s not just a matter of taste, it also depends on the sausage. For example, spicy mustard pairs best with a somewhat bland frankfurter, while sweetness is the only option for a plump white sausage. The sweet mustard also makes a great counterpoint to the smoky aroma of smoky dovetail; If you also want to spice things up a bit, ask for freshly grated horseradish. But this is haute cuisine for grilled sausage.

Sweet or spicy? “or” is actually nonsense. Next time I’ll answer, “Sweet and spicy, please!” Because we both need them.

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