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KSS acquires LIONEX technology and launches its own Li-PROTM solution

Wilmington, Massachusetts, Oct. 1 /PRNewswire/ Koch Separation Solutions (KSS) today announced the acquisition of LIONEX technology from Chemionex Inc. The acquisition serves as the basis for the launch of the Li-PRO™ process, which provides a proprietary global solution for direct lithium extraction (DLE).

“The introduction of the Li-PRO process along with the broader EPC capabilities of our parent company, Koch Engineered Solutions, will provide DLE customers with complete and end-to-end solutions,” said Mani Singh, President of KSS.

The Li-PRO™ process is an optimized configuration of the DLE process that combines proprietary selective lithium extraction media with advanced MWF equipment, including robust pretreatment based on PURON® membranes, Recoflo® fixed base extraction and annealing and high concentration reverse osmosis (RO) recovery processes to produce a solution Purified lithium chloride. The solution is aimed at customers who are looking for an optimized solution to develop lithium battery materials to keep pace with the growing demand for lithium batteries, especially for electric vehicles.

“The innovative and patent-pending aspects of the Li-PRO solution will create synergy with KSS’ world-class capabilities in ion exchange, adsorption, membrane filtration and thermal separation technologies. This combination will enable the recovery of lithium and its superior purity, higher chemical use, higher water efficiency, and simplified system configurations, Thus improving capital expenditures and operating expenditures for lithium producers.”

KSS will offer the Li-PRO process as a complete offering or as stand-alone separations, depending on the individual needs of clients. Your team will initially engage developers in a beta phase to improve the process design for each step and work together to implement small to high-volume operations with improved performance specifications.

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