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KTM's mother participates in an e-motorcycle consortium «

KTM’s mother participates in an e-motorcycle consortium «

Pierer Mobility works alongside Honda Motor, Piaggio Group, and Yamaha Motor. €20 million for the e-mobility efficiency center in Anif, near Salzburg, with 150 employees.

7:35 PM, Sep 6, 2021


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Stephen Perrier © (c) Juergen Fuchs (@FUCHS Juergen)

Father KTM Pierer Mobility continues to rely on electric motorcycles. As the company announced Monday night, KTM is participating in an alliance to develop motorcycles with interchangeable batteries. The partners are well-known motorcycle manufacturers such as Honda, Piaggio and Yamaha.

We will work with our partners To develop an interchangeable battery system for low voltage (48 volt) vehicles with a capacity of up to 11 kW, which are based on international technical standards,” CEO Stephane Perrier explained in the press release.

Investment volume in The 7,780 m² efficiency center for e-mobility is valued at €20 million. Will be It is located in Anif near Salzburg It employs 150 people. Perrier assumes that both e-scooters and co In urban and urban mobility, it plays a major role in the choice of transportation will play.

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