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Kunsthaus Graz |  Working through the world of work

Kunsthaus Graz | Working through the world of work

Our consumer society cannot be captured more tightly than photographer Andreas Gursky did with an Amazon warehouse in 2016. He brings together: limitless consumption, both temporary and global, and widely criticized working conditions. Andreas Gursky contributes one of around 25 posts to the exhibition “24/7 – Working between creating meaning and removing boundaries”, which can be seen from 1 May, and it is not a coincidence. The theme of “work” is seen as this year’s leitmotif at the Grazer Kunsthaus under the direction of Andreja Hribernik, and “24/7” here functions as a negotiating table where the inventory of the current situation is negotiated as well as what is there will or can or should come: “We We look forward to a not-so-distant future where new technologies will continue to transform the world of work and thus bring with them challenges that require a new social and political discourse,” explains Katia. Huemer arc content.

“Safe Haven” (curators: Katrin Bücher Tranto and Alexandra Trost), the first solo exhibition by Bosnian-Austrian artist Azra Akšamia, which received the Graz City Art Prize in 2019, is located close to people and their humanity. “And their needs. It is an approach to the term 'protected space', which can be viewed not only as a physical place, but also as a form of coming together and working together. Engagement and thinking in the spirit of sustainability are explicitly required here. A continuation of the technical discussions that took place the previous year with” The Wall” by conceptual artist Sol LeWitt is the first solo exhibition at the Kunsthaus. renate kramer, Its inexhaustible source is the line that interacts with the wall winding through the space.

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