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Kurz.Film.Zuckerl 2022 – ‘Hollywood’ wins Main, Audience Award for ‘Am Grat’

Tata Asatiani Aigner

The Kurz.Film.Zuckerl Short Film Festival of the Filmzuckerl Association saw its third edition Friday evening at the Waidhofen Film Theatre. Candy Film Chair Andreas Kossel, who hosted the evening, welcomed about 90 visitors, including several filmmakers, actors, and jury members as well as Waidhoven’s deputy mayor Armin Bahr.

Once again, a first-class cross-section of Austrian short film productions from the past three years has been shown. This ranged from feature films and documentaries to animations, experimental films and music videos. 50 Austrian short films were submitted to the festival this year. Among these, the Filmzuckerl Association selected eleven of the best works. On Friday they were shown on the big screen, where they can already reveal their full potential.

The grand prize winners thanked them via video

As part of the Short Film Festival, two prizes were awarded again. The main prize of €1,000, awarded by a specialized jury composed of documentary director Michael Reseker, cutter Gernot Grassl, sound engineer Andreas Hamza and film critics Alexandra Zawya and Maria Mutter, went to the feature film “Hollywood” Lenny. Gruber and Alex Rheinberg.

The film follows a budding actress trying to break into her career. While waiting for the results of various commercial shows on her home vacation with her parents in the province of Upper Austria, she tries to make a name for herself as a victim actress in fire brigade exercises. Jury members Michael Reseker, Gernot Grassl and Andreas Hamza announced the jury’s decision at the end of the film’s screening. Director Lenny Gruber and director Alex Reinberg, who were unfortunately unable to attend the festival in Weidhoven, thanked them with a video of a tribute on the cinema screen.

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The film with regional participation convinced the audience

The evening’s viewers also had the opportunity to nominate their favorite movie. The audience prize of 800 euros offered by the city of Wiedhoven went to the feature film “Umm Grat”. In this, two brothers set out on a mountain tour overshadowed by the progressive illness of their older brother. Brothers Tobias and Noah Resch, born in Sontagberg, are persuasive in the lead roles.

Tobias Resch can also currently be seen in the ORF series The Days That Didn’t Exist. Director Matthew Sanders, producer Maria Borcher, and lead actors Tobias and Noah Rich receive the award in person from Vice Mayor Armin Bahr at the Waidhoven Film Theatre.