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Land of Mountains: Via the Lichtal Alps

Land of Mountains: Via the Lichtal Alps

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Land of mountains

Through the Lechtal Alps

In this new production, “Land der Berge” offers insider advice for mountain lovers. The Lechtal Alps are distinguished by their diverse landscapes, diverse flora and fauna, as well as many natural gems. The mountains are home to the emerald green Formarense River, whose clear waters reflect the surrounding forests and rugged rock faces dotted with snowfields. The small, quiet village of Schoppernau lies amid hiking trails and lush green plateaus. Located at the back of Bregenzerwald, this community has managed to maintain its valuable customs despite tourism. The place amazes with its ancient traditional costumes and typical wooden houses, whose colorful floral decorations in front of the windows are, of course, a must. Not far from Schoburnau, Alpine farmer Karl produces butter and cheese using traditional handicrafts. In the Alps, cheese making has a tradition that dates back about 3,000 years and has not changed since then. Even today, mountain farmers still produce loaves in copper kettles.

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