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Laschet's successor: Merz nominated for CDU presidency

Laschet’s successor: Merz nominated for CDU presidency

Status: 11/15/2021 8:27 PM

The leader of the former Union faction, Mers, is running again for the presidency of the CDU. The CDU Board of Directors nominated him as the future party leader. Thus, the party is heading to a three-way battle for Laschet’s successor.

Former Union parliamentary bloc leader Frederick Mers is running for the third time in a row for the presidency of the Christian Democratic Union. After matching media reports, the CDU Board of Directors unanimously nominated Hochsauerland Merz in a digital meeting to poll the upcoming members on the future party leader.

Merz clarified his candidacy at the meeting, according to a press release. “I thank the members of the Executive District for their nomination and once again apply for the position of President of the Christian Democratic Union in Germany,” he was quoted as saying. He would also like to thank “the many members and voters of the Federation who encouraged me to run for this position.” Merz said he will already on Tuesday offer his role on the CDU’s new leadership team, which he is advancing with, in Berlin.

Myers vs. Rotgen vs. Brown

In addition to Merz, foreign politician Norbert Röttgen and CEO of the Chancellery, Helge Braun, announced their candidacy to succeed Armin Laschet.

Merz is already approaching the position of party leader for the third time after the now-only executive chancellor, Angela Merkel, announced her withdrawal from the presidency in 2018. CDU President Matthias Kerkhove explained: “We are fully convinced of this request and will support Friedrich Merz on his way. He can count on the CDU. in Hochsauerlandkreis.”

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Decision in January 2022

The deadline for submitting other candidates to succeed Armin Laschet, who remains president, runs until 6 p.m. Wednesday. Then proposals must be submitted in writing to the CDU Federal Office. At CDU, preparations are in full swing for a round of introductions for candidates to succeed Laschet. The German news agency (dpa) reported that in Berlin, among other things, there must be at least one format in which all applicants present themselves to members and also broadcast on the Internet or on television.

The Federal Executive Board also previously decided that potential candidates should present themselves for a survey on the CDU’s website, for example. There should be a standard format with a photo and a short CV. The new president is due to be elected by 1,001 delegates at a party convention in Hanover on Jan. 21, following a planned member poll in December.