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Laura Trump holds a key position with the Republican Party

Laura Trump holds a key position with the Republican Party

Trump's daughter-in-law and another confidante assumed key positions on the party's leadership team on Friday.

Former US President Donald Trump He continues to assert his influence in the Republican Party. His daughter-in-law took over on Friday Laura Trump And another 77-year-old stalwart holds key positions in the party's leadership.

Members Republican National Committee (RNC) voted at a meeting in Houston Michael Whatley As the new leader and Laura Trump as co-chairman.

Tailwind in the party

Whatley, President of the Republic North CarolinaDemocrats back Trump's claim Joe Biden He won the 2020 presidential election by rigging against the incumbent. Laura Trump is the wife of Donald Trump's son, Eric.

Trump has recently pushed increasingly for a change at the top of the RNC and continues to gain momentum in the party thanks to his streak of victories in primaries. After weeks of public pressure from Trump, the previous RNC chairman Rhona McDaniel He resigned at the end of February.

He explained his decision as allowing future Republican presidential nominees to decide who should move to the top of the party.

The focus will be on financing the election campaign

The Republican National Organizing Committee is responsible, among other things, for coordinating campaign strategy, raising funds, and conducting the nominating convention. Election campaign financing in particular will be central to the work of the new NRC leadership.

After a relatively ineffective fundraising campaign, Republicans had less than $9 million left at the end of January. That's $24 million for Biden's Democrats, according to bipartisan filings.

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