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Leading wooden garage for cars –

Leading wooden garage for cars –

The wooden parking garage was created by heating manufacturer Hargassner. Brothers Markus and Anton Hargasner venture into new territory. The parking garage is not built from concrete as usual, but from raw, renewable wood. Only individual elements, such as the stairs and ramps connecting the ten levels, are made of reinforced concrete.

Wooden garage for parking up to 500 cars

500 cars could be parked there in the future. The wooden parking garage is one of the largest of its kind in Europe. The developers want to set an example in times of climate change: “It is about the issue of sustainability. We want to keep land consumption as low as possible. We will have the grounds so that we can provide parking spaces in the green fields. However, we decided to build a parking garage, despite “But we just want to show that you can build sustainably,” explains managing director Anton Hargasner.


The wooden parking garage is one of the largest of its kind in Europe

Saving 8,200 tons of carbon dioxide

The goal is to keep the environmental footprint as small as possible. The new service center is being built a stone's throw away. Wood also plays a major role there. Hargassner is investing a total of €45 million in the expansion. The cost of the new parking garage is 7.8 million euros. In total, the family business saves about 8,200 tons of carbon dioxide with new wooden buildings compared to buildings made of steel concrete. This is said to correspond to the amount flown on 580 flights around the world, for example. Wood manufacturers explain that wood can be recycled so that carbon dioxide remains stored in the material.

A total of about 2,600 cubic meters of wood will be used for the manufacturer's parking garage for heating. This would make it possible to build about 65 single-family wooden homes.

Wooden parking garage designed by HargassnerVisualization Matulik Architects

Matulik Architects

Visualization of a wooden parking garage and service center

“The Lighthouse Project must set a precedent.”

Anton Hargasner emphasizes that the new building aims to be a pioneering project. He hopes this will set a precedent: “It doesn't have to remain unique. I think you can do a lot with wood.” The architectural firm Matulik from Ried im Innkreis is responsible for the planning.

Managing Director Markus Hargasner reports many inquiries: “We are currently receiving a lot of interest. Timber builders and experts from different industries are coming to us who want to know how we do it. “We have been working more on the topics of fire protection, parking garage drainage and floor coatings “

Also a pioneering project for timber construction company Wiehag

The project is being implemented by the specialized timber construction company Wiehag from Altheim (Braunau region). Wiehag has achieved outstanding achievements worldwide in wood engineering. The family company from Innviertel built the tallest wooden house in the world in the USA.

For Eric Wiesner, CEO and owner of wood engineering company Wiehag, wood plays a key role in the fight against climate change: “We now have a climate problem of having too much carbon dioxide in our atmosphere. It is important to try to avoid carbon dioxide in all areas Such a large wooden building stores carbon dioxide and is of course an ideal building for the future of our planet. Given the size of the building, a new wooden parking garage is routine. We build large wooden buildings all over the world, and even bigger buildings like here, but it is unique in The way it is used and used, i.e. as a parking garage.And also a pilot project for Wiehag.

The tallest wooden house in the world, the Ascension Tower in Milwaukee, USA, was built by Wehag from Altheim

And he is agitated

The Ascension Tower in Milwaukee is the tallest wooden skyscraper in the world

On September 8 and 9, the wooden parking garage at Weng im Innkreis will be opened as part of a large indoor exhibition. The heating manufacturer celebrates its 40th anniversary this year. Hargassner employs 1,250 people.

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