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League leaders Freiburg: Streich talks about staying up late

League leaders Freiburg: Streich talks about staying up late

Status: 04/09/2022 10:29 AM

Freiburg FC tops the German Bundesliga standings. But no one in Breisgau is ecstatic. At least the coach.

He said goodbye with a profuse laugh, but Christian Streiche seemed to have denied himself any emotion when he talked about the game. No one should think that the SC Freiburg coach is enjoying his club’s historic lead in the Bundesliga. The greatest joy seemed to the veteran coach After 3:2 (0:1) at Bayer Leverkusen To be a fun brake role.

Christian Streiche’s goal: to stay up

Instead of telling us how unique and impressive it is that Badeners propelled Bayern Munich to the top on day five of the match, Streische spoke about his big goal: to stay afloat. “In a year when we play the European Cup, it’s about making good games in the European Cup and keeping Freiburg in the Bundesliga.”confirmed. “If it worked, it’s been a good, nice year. And I’m totally serious.”

He is interested in leading the table “Nothing really”It is to explain Fitness Trainer definitely. “The results are great for what we’re doing now. We also have the luck we need at the moment”said Streich and still did not twist a corner of his mouth. “Boys may be different. But I see the matches. And even twice.”he added.

For the first time in 22 years: Freiburg is the leader

Studying the video of the game in Leverkusen, Streich will see himself as certain. The first half was not good, his team had only five shots on goal. But three straight wins by one goal difference also speak to how cohesive the Supreme Committee is now. Breisgauer was before Only after the first day of playing in 2000 with Volker Fink He was at the top of the table for a week.

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Now this Supreme Committee appears to be very experienced and of a high caliber and has many tactical and personal options. And he did some good shopping again this summer. Three new players scored Saturday’s goals in nationalists Matthias Ginter (48th minute), Michael Gregoric (51) and Ritsu Duane (72).

Start in Europe league Thursday

So a complete breakdown seems unlikely, even if it’s from Thursday with Match against Karabakh Agdam of Azerbaijan Europa League Adventure And the unusual triple burden begins. ‘The boys deserve it’Streich said: “But for us it means: a game, a game, a game. And then we will also lose matches. Even a few matches in a row.”

Players are generally aware of this danger. “In the beginning, every point is worth its weight in gold. It’s important that we don’t get bogged down when the English weeks begin.”Former world champion Ginter said. When asked if he would allow players to raise their cups to the top of the table, the international said: “Anyone who wants to do this is welcome to do so. But we are all professional enough that we can properly judge him.”

There is no dream tournament in Breisgau

Captain Christian Gunther explained with a smile: “There are worse things than being at the top of the table.” But he also emphasized: “It’s round five, we know how to rank it. If we were there in round 34, you wouldn’t see me here.”

Nobody in Bresgau would dream of winning the championship. “But why must our development come to an end now?”Maximilian Aegstein asked: “We want to continue where we left off last year.” Since SC finished the season in sixth place. He had chances until the last day of the match Champions League.