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Less antibiotics in UK pig houses

Less antibiotics in UK pig houses

Significant decline in antibiotic use in the UK.

According to Agra-Europe, citing the UK’s Agriculture and Horticultural Promotion Organization (AHDB), demand per livestock corrected unit (PCU) fell to 70 milligrams last year. In 2015, it was about 278 milligrams per PCU. According to the Asian Development Bank, demand has fallen by a fifth in the past year alone. For comparison: according to AGES, the voltage in Germany in 2021 was 61 milligrams per PCU.

The number of pigs increased

This decline is not due to a decline in the UK’s pig populations, but rather to tightening. This has increased by about half a million since 2015 to 5.2 million pigs. The Asian Human Development Bank calls the achievement a “landmark”, after all the target set in 2020 by the Association for the Responsible Use of Medicines in Agriculture, which was created specifically for this purpose, to reduce antibiotic use by one third by 2024 has already been exceeded. British Swine Producers Association chairman Robert Motimer praised “the efforts of pig breeders and veterinarians”. Footnote: “Despite the difficult economic situation.”

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