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'Less is more': Frank Bushman ends NFL commentator's career

'Less is more': Frank Bushman ends NFL commentator's career

Legendary commentator Frank Bushman will not cover the NFL in the future from right to left Leave a comment. This was announced by the TV channel on Tuesday. Bushman does not want to extend his expiring contract.

Bushman explained the situation in the TV station's press release: “It was clear from the beginning that I wanted to look and decide from year to year.” he used to have from right to left Signed as an NFL commentator for just one year and at the age of 60, he now wants to focus on “some beacons” that suit his “personal priorities.” Slogan: “Less is more.”

“With his outstanding football experience and infectious energy, Bochy made a significant contribution to the success of the first season of the NFL. from right to left “It has been achieved,” says program director Inga Leschek, thanking Bushman.

The legend of the commentator is already part of from right to left– An advance in NFL coverage he ran from procepn/sat1 Among the pioneering faces who made the sport so popular in Germany. Bushman began covering football in 2012 and ended his tenure with the broadcast group in 2017 when he moved to the pay channel. sky change. Join for a year from right to left Back to American football. He's now completely done with the NFL.

Cooperation from from right to left Frank Bushman as a whole goes further. He will continue to participate in the “Ninja Warrior” and “Top Dog” projects.

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NFL reporting will continue without “Buschi” in the future. The next major event: the NFL Draft, starting with the first round Thursday night through Friday. the from right to left– A crew consisting of former NFL stars Sebastian Vollmer and Marcus Kuhn as well as presenter Jan Stecker and community host Metea Laver will report live from Detroit.