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Letter to the Editor: Our health system is sick!

Letter to the Editor: Our health system is sick!

Linz. Franz Schrambock of Linz sent the following letter to the editor:

“Our healthcare system is sick in itself!

For decades, responsible politicians have failed to take the growing age pyramid into account. Every year, our senior citizens grow older and therefore sicker. This means that doctors’ offices and hospitals are almost always full. The case is there, the latest surgical technology with robotics to combat busy schedules and months of waiting for urgent operations.

This year I have been a patient in a large hospital in Linz six times and have witnessed every day the dedication and patience with which the staff, from primary school nurses to interns, go above and beyond for patients. In addition, there are very poor salaries during the training period. It’s no wonder when you hear about how high the rate of layoffs is in hospitals. The sad result: beds had to be closed here and there due to lack of staff!

And then we’ve had ordinary people in charge of health care for the longest time. From the minister to state officials. Not a single doctor. And now Minister Rauch “invents” a strange idea about “basic materials.” My doctor has to write down the most important ingredients of my medication to my pharmacist, and then he or she will “mix” the medication I need from their stock. This is pure Middle Ages, as it was during the reign of Theophrastus Paracelsus! Nothing against pharmacists, but my doctor knows which powder I need, and has probably been treating my illness with it for years.

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Last but not least, Minister Rauch also claims to be “the patient’s advocate!” No, Mr. Rauch: he works without Rauch!