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Lian Li Lancool III is now available at Caseking

Lian Li Lancool III is now available at Caseking

Four versions available

Photo: Caseking

Lian Li donated a successor to Lancool II: Lancool III should bring some improvements and shine with a high cooling capacity. Midi Tower is now available from Caseking.

who – which Lancol III It is the latest addition to the series and replaces Lancool II released in 2019. Compared to its predecessor Lian Li He tweaked a few things to improve airflow and cooling performance, among other things. This is ensured by the new consistency mesh front With a transmittance of 51 percent. On delivery, there are actually three 140mm fans behind the front panel RGB . version You have ARGB lighting. Up to ten fans can be installed in the chassis. Lancool III also provides enough room for large custom water cooling systems. Up to two 360mm radiators and one 420mm radiator can be installed.

Photo: Caseking

In the E-ATX case The graphics card can be up to 435 mm CPU coolers can be installed at a height of 187 mm. Users can also mount the GPU vertically if they wish. However, this requires the optional O11D EVO GPU assembly. Moreover, the installation Up to twelve 2.5″ drives possible. There are side doors in tempered glass on either side of the Lancool III, through which the built-in appliances are visible.

Lian Li Lancool III is in everything Four versions Available now from Caseking. The non-luminous alternative currently costs about €160awhile for the RGB version Almost 10 euros more become due. Both black and white versions are available either way.


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