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Lidl now warns against these scammers – 5 minutes

Lidl now warns against these scammers – 5 minutes

Published on 11 May 2024 at 08:29 / © Lidl Austria

The photo on shows the Lidl discount food store

A groundhog greets you every day… You can find scammers on the Internet all the time. And now Lidl is also warning against these products.

from Emily Mayer

Amelie Mayer 5 Minutes Online Editorial TeamAmelie Mayer 5 Minutes Online Editorial Team

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Scammers try to use a variety of tricks to lure their victims and then rob them. Common scams include calling your daughter/son, imitating parcel delivery services or banks, and sending an SMS in their name. Now discounter Lidl is also warning of a scam.

Fake web stores created by scammers

“We are now increasingly noticing that online stores are using our Lidl logo and name illegally and without our knowledge and consent. Please do not under any circumstances click on links, provide personal information or request anything. This is a scam,” says Lidl. to its customers on its website. It happens time and again that scammers impersonate big brand names to cheat customers. Therefore, on a website, you should always check whether the printed data is correct; On a social media site, you can pay attention to the number of followers of the site and approximately how long the site has been in existence. If it's relatively new and there are hardly any subscribers, it's almost certainly fake.

The image on shows how Lidl warns of scammers on its websiteThe image on shows how Lidl warns of scammers on its website

© Screenshot of Lidl website

Lidl warns of scammers

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Carinthian was the victim of a celebrity scam

This scam has been used time and time again: scammers have actually pretended, among other things Armin Assinger, Miriam Weichelbrownbut also Melissa Nachinong, out of place. Victims are often asked for money they were going to win. This is how a woman from Carinthia dumped 8,000 euros in favor of fake Melissa Naschenwing. Police offer advice on how to recognize scammers and protect yourself from them.

Police tips

  • Stay suspicious! Please don't believe everything you see, hear and read on the Internet.
  • Discuss the topic and problem with your family, acquaintances and friends – let's be careful and protect each other!
  • Don't be tempted by the promised gains. At least get a second opinion in person.
  • Please consult with us Financial Markets Supervision Authority.
  • Do not allow strangers to remotely access your computer over the Internet
  • If damage occurs, contact your bank immediately and file a report
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