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Lienhardt in Bosnia: 'Complete the mosaic of EU membership'

Lienhardt in Bosnia: ‘Complete the mosaic of EU membership’

Lenhart spoke again of his “heart concern” and added, “For us, the Western Balkans mean security and stability, but also economic opportunity. That’s why we have to continue to give the Western Balkan countries this European perspective.” When asked why his first visit as minister took him to Sarajevo, Lienhart said, Bosnia in particular is “a country where you can send this signal very well.” But this message applies to the entire Western Balkans. It is also important to make this a major issue in the European Union.

Later Thursday afternoon, Lienhardt held a meeting with the high representative of the international community, German Christian Schmidt, and a conversation with the Mayor of Social Democracy, Benjamin Karic. In addition, an event was planned as part of the “ReFocus Austria” project for economic reconstruction after the infection of the Coronavirus, which was promoted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Vienna.

Friday will be followed by appointments with Foreign Minister Becera Turkovic and representatives of Bosniaks (Muslims), Croats (Catholics) and Serbs (Orthodox) to head the occupied country according to ethnic criteria. Lienhardt will also meet with the commander of the European Union peacekeeping force, Austrian Major General Alexander Plazer.

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