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Linz’s LASK Stadium is now off the table

Linz’s LASK Stadium is now off the table

Following an on-site inspection on Monday morning, construction work can now continue on the LASK stadium in Linz. However, the construction freeze has not been lifted, it has only been postponed: the association and construction company Porr now have eight weeks to submit plans for the unauthorized basement area, said Mayor Klaus Luger (SPÖ).

On Saturday, OÖN exclusively reported the construction freeze imposed by the building authority in the city of Linz.

All other approvals are currently available for legal and technical examination. “In any case, it was important for us to find a quick solution,” Luger said in a written statement. Builders must now apply for a permit at a later time. However, the city manager assumes that this is just a matter of “official legal”.

The large construction site on Linzer Gugl is not under a good star: firstly a dispute between the officials of the association, the tender withdrew and the layout adapted, the tender was renewed and again withdrawn because the European-wide tender was “forgotten”. The last construction stop was specifically related to a vault under the main runway, which was expanded. To what extent, LASK has not disclosed, according to OÖN information, that it is about 500 square metres. A LASK spokesperson spoke of “planning errors from the past” and “the inevitable technical changes”.

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