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Lipino Tony 70 |  SK Storm

Lipino Tony 70 | SK Storm

30 goals in the tournament for Sturm

In the Storm's great 1980/81 season, when the Black & Whites sensationally became autumn champions under Otto Baric and only lost the championship title in the final round with a 1:4 defeat to Rapid, Haas was again the scorer against GAK. Twice in the fall of 1980: in the first round 1:2 and 2-1 in the eleventh round, where he and Rudi Schaus achieved the famous victory. Sturm was playing for Sarria at the time. Wirth, Schilcher, Pichler, Schauss; Preber, Colmer, Boiron; Bakota, Haas (Peter Huberts), Gurten.

In the spring of 1981, the competition in attack became greater than ever with Bacuta, Jurtin, Kolmer, Stendhal, who had returned to Graz in 1979, Jimmy Pfleger and the youngster Richie Niederbaker. Tony Haas also had to deal with some injuries – so he, who had scored 30 goals in the championship for Sturm, moved to DSV Alpine on loan in the summer of 1981. In 1982 he went to Kapfenberg – along with Friedel Wirth, by the way.

Always humble and warm-hearted, Tony Haas found his professional home in the Highway Maintenance Department in Lebring, where he worked until his retirement. He can be found time and time again at Sturm games in Liebenau, remaining a black and white man at heart. All the best, dear Tony.

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