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Lisa Marie Barr on FM4 Happy Hour

Lisa Marie Barr on FM4 Happy Hour

About Saarland and Grimm's fairy tales: Lisa-Marie Barr talks about her life in Austria, feminism and more on Happy Hour on FM4. Click here for the video!

Written by Alexandra Rodriguez Brenna

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Saarland is a forested German state located on the borders with France and Luxembourg. Named after the Saar River which flows into the Moselle, its capital, Saarbrücken, is famous for the Saarland Museum and the Baroque Ludwigskirche Church – learned something again, right? The Internet publishes this information when you Google the exact location of Saarland.

From there comes the cabaret artist and actress Lisa-Marie Bahr, and in her opinion, no one knows the Saarland in Germany or Austria: “Maybe it can be compared to Burgenland – you have to marry your cousin there.” He moved to Vienna from Germany to study. She knows very well that no one here in Austria is waiting for another “Pfieke student” who “philosophizes about life in U6 in the morning,” she joked in her group.

Barr sees her comedy as a form of self-flagellation or — as her therapist calls it — a coping strategy. She loves to make people laugh and also hopes to stimulate them to think. When Lisa Marie Barr isn't doing comedy, she's also on stage: “I always like to call it professional amateur theatre.”

Her final role was as Snow White, and only then did she realize how little the Brothers Grimm loved women: “Snow White lives in the woods in a hut with seven little men. She was taken into the woods on behalf of a woman to kill her because she was so beautiful. How much misogyny can you include? In a fairy tale? The only thing she did on stage in her role as Snow White was look stupid and laugh stupidly – and “do free babysitting for the dwarves.” In Fortunately, FM4 Happy Hour is not – you can find all of Lisa-Marie Bähr's feminist jokes in the video.

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