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Listen to what the giraffe from the zoo is talking about

Listen to what the giraffe from the zoo is talking about

Max the giraffe bull (10) is supposed to help scientists understand the sounds of his species Photo: Olaf Wagner

to Katia Colmenares

This is not a crash helmet, nor a pilot’s hat. With this plush headdress, the bull giraffe Max (10) from Zoo Berlin spent a week in science!

Max the bull giraffe is on a mission as the Masked Singer!

With this miniature, belt-fitting acoustic organ, the Berlin longneck should help researchers better understand it and its characteristics. Scientists hope to use recorded vocalizations and voices to find out how giraffes talk to each other. Because no researcher in the world has ever discovered this, zoo spokeswoman Philene Hutchmeister told BZ.

The fact that giraffes make noise at all is still a recent scientific discovery. This was discovered by Austrian giraffe researcher Anton Pautec in Berlin!

This small acoustic device records the sounds made by giraffes

He made the first audio recordings of giraffe sounds at Tierpark Berlin. Until then, it was believed that giraffes communicated via ultrasound (which humans cannot hear). They can sniff, snort, roar and even buzz.

But no one knows when and, above all, why giraffes make these sounds. He is now supposed to reveal the secret of Rothschild’s giraffe, Paul Max.

The role of research assistant is not entirely new to Max. A team from the giraffe’s home has patiently trained him to wear a head halter over the past few years. Ten months later, Max put the belt around his head – 5.50 meters high! – Approved.

Hachmeister: “Among giraffe researchers, Max is the best trained giraffe in Europe!


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