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Ljubljana - KAC 2: 4: In Ljubljana, KAC took the next win with a great effort

Ljubljana – KAC 2: 4: In Ljubljana, KAC took the next win with a great effort

The Red Jackets traveled to the Slovenian capital with a lot of self-confidence, and the first Sovereign win of the season in Vienna was to blame. Lukas Haddom and Daniel Obersteiner, who were both recently ill, are back on the team. Head coach Petri Matikainen hasn’t changed much in the attacking lines compared to Friday’s game. Haudum took over the position of Samuel Witting in the third line of attack, Linzer played as the center forward and his wingspan were Nick Petersen and Finn van Ee. After the first third, Obersteiner replaced Luca Jumpock, who had been playing with Thomas Koch and Matt Fraser.

The hosts started better, putting pressure on KAC with a strong forward check, so it wasn’t easy for Klagenfurt’s team to control the controlled match from the defensive zone. After a promising opportunity for the red jackets through Paul Postma, the Slovenes upped the ante. First, Jesper Jensen-Aabo lost the disc without any pressure, and fellow Dane Sebastian Dehm corrected the error. Then Christopher Dodereau deceived the entire KAC defense, leaving the goalkeeper no chance to defend. Shortly before the third break, Haudum walked into the attacking area very quickly and served Petersen with an exemplary form, who did not miss this opportunity.

Immediately after the third break, KAC raised the score to 2:1. Rok Tičar returned to the blue line to Postma, who fired his fearsome long shot into the net. After a difficult but fair examination, Nikki Krause was forced to go into the penalty area, and Klagenfurt scored the goal. Thomas Koch completed a 2v1 counterattack with a fine hook to make it 3:1 with a man down. After that, Klagenfurt dominated what was happening and created good chances, but Zan Us in Laibacher’s chest prevented his team from falling behind.

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In the final section, the hosts regained hope when Nick Simcic scored the goal. The formation of the storm with Dodero, Rok Kapel and Simsic caused great difficulties for the people of Klagenfurt several times due to the high quality of skiing and technical development. With Petersen’s second goal, which came from the penalty area and was perfectly passed by Haudum again, KAC regained the double lead. However, Pance and Co did not admit defeat, from the very weak referees, who only sent Klagenfurt into the penalty area in the 60th minute, and also had a majority of 5: 3. But as in Vienna, the Rutjagen remained twice outnumbered without conceding any A goal and again gave a great fighting performance. Backed by their outstanding dash, it was a well deserved 4:2 win at the end.