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Local review at Shiso Burger: Kimchi instead of fries

Local review at Shiso Burger: Kimchi instead of fries

Burgers with an Asian touch are now also available in Vienna: German restaurant Shiso Burger has opened in Theobaldgasse.

Is Berlin still the modeling capital? Anyway, that's what the new Shiso Burger is based on. “Oh Vienna” shines from the wall of the restaurant. “There is at least one concept from Berlin that he brought to the neighborhood.”

The concept is a cross between burgers and Asian cuisine, and the neighborhood is Vienna-Mariahilf: the German franchise's first Austrian location opened here on Friday, following locations in Paris, Lisbon and Qatar (yes, Qatar). It's a concept that's definitely relevant to the mainstream: everyone loves burgers, and Asian food too. So now there's (also) a burger with a (pan) Asian twist. And bird lettuce.

The bulgogi burger with sliced ​​beef, Korean chili paste, spicy mayonnaise and teriyaki sauce (€12) does surprisingly well in terms of taste, while in the shiso burger (€13) you can barely taste the tuna patty, and even more so the shiso leaf that She gave it her name: Very interesting – and it's too bad that this is only represented in one burger! For example, a classic hamburger can do one thing: unlike the first two, it looks a bit pale, although: the meat is not only juicy, but also organic (8 euros).

It's a matter of taste that the burger buns are too soft and don't hold up at all: they turn to slush with the first bite. (You could also say: They don't weigh you down.) And while the kimchi — the healthy Asian side dish — is very good, crunchy, spicy, and not too spicy, the sweet potato fries are unfortunately weak and quite greasy despite the tempura batter, nice try perfect. The atmosphere is fun, as you sit at oddly shaped tables in front of the open kitchen, but it's actually very cozy.


Bottom line: The marketing promise that the Shiso Burger will change the concept of burgers forever is a bit of an overstatement. These are still quick meals, at least with organ meats and some delicious flavor ideas.

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Shiso Burger, Theobaldgasse 19, 1060 Vienna, Mon–Fri 11:30 am – 10 pm, Saturday, Sunday and public holidays 12 noon – 10 pm

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