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Loew's era as DFB captain ended: "I'm sorry!"  - football

Loew’s era as DFB captain ended: “I’m sorry!” – football

This was not what Joachim Loew imagined of his departure as head of the German team. For the DFB side at the European Championship, it’s their last Round of 16 match against England – which 15 years later Löw’s era ended in bitter disappointment.

“It’s a huge disappointment for all of us,” Löw said after the match in an interview with ARD. “We were hoping for more.” “That’s why I’m sorry that the great enthusiasm that was in the house is now over with a match like this.”

Immediately after the match, the coach finds it difficult to categorize everything “because disappointment naturally prevails.”

“The faith was just there,” Lu asserts. “But in matches like this it is important to constantly use the few chances you have. We had two great chances through Timo Werner and Thomas Muller. Unfortunately, we didn’t score any goals and that is why we are so sorry that we are out of the tournament.”

Coach Werner and Muller do not want to blame the missed opportunities. “When things like that happen, like Thomas Muller’s chance, you have to accept that. He usually makes a goal for sure. Today we would have needed him. But I can’t blame him for that.”

Loew’s criticism: ‘You can wait until we are left behind’

However, Löw has to put up with the allegations. Above all, the lack or delay of changes caused astonishment and criticism among German fans and experts. For example, former national team player Michael Ballack says in his role as TV expert: “I don’t understand why a national coach is waiting so long to make a change. You can wait until we are left behind.”

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When the extension was already evident, Sterling used Shaw’s sharp cross to make it 1-0 (75). The Germans were quite open in the back. And Thomas Muller, the German Football Association striker, equalized, but his shot went wide of the goal on the left (81). Instead, Kane made things clear. Previously substituted Jack Grealish crossed into the middle, the star striker only needed to lose (86th place).

Lu: “Cruelty and intelligence” was missing مفقود

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“Games like this are on edge. Sometimes the point is the difference,” Löw explains on Magenta TV. “We already have good players. What we’re lacking maybe is calm and intelligence in some moments. The team still has to grow.” In some moments, the coach says, “cruelty and theft” were missing.

“We had better chances until England took the lead,” Love said. “Then the English made it freeze, so we’re very disappointed now.”

“Complete silence” prevails in the dressing room of the German Football Association, according to what the coach said after the match. “All players are very frustrated, and so are we.”

Neuer: ‘He didn’t yell at us at the wall’

Captain Manuel Neuer talks about a “big opportunity” missed by the German Football Association. “We had the opportunity to qualify for the quarter-finals against a strong team. We missed this opportunity and that’s why we are really disappointed.”

The game has been on the edge for a long time. “If Thomas Muller makes it 1-1, maybe a lot will turn around here. You could tell the spectators were perturbed. It wasn’t that they yelled at us and were always convinced the England goalkeeper was explaining it.

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Neuer would have liked a different farewell to Löw. “It was a very sad feeling when I saw Jogi after the final whistle. He is simply an amazing person. And the players owe him a lot. He has witnessed a wonderful era. It is a shame and sad of course that it ended like this.”

Here’s what Love says about his future

It won’t be easy to say goodbye to the longtime team boss, but he has great confidence in his team for the future. “I think some players will continue to develop. We have a lot of young players to learn from. At Euro 2024, some of them will be at their all-time highs, also in terms of age and experience. You can expect a lot.”

As for his personal future, Löw is still covered. “At the moment I do not have a definite plan. Now I have not made a decision. You need a distance, do not immediately look for something new. I have never talked about retirement. There are definitely new interesting tasks for me. “