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Logistics: In the US, rail transport is also in disarray

Road to traffic jam: Traffic also comes to a standstill on America's tracks (Photo: Panthermedia, dohoavnstudio)Road to traffic jam: Traffic also comes to a standstill on America’s tracks (Photo: Panthermedia, dohoavnstudio)

Deutsche Bahn has shown how it’s done, and the Americans are following our example: rail freight in the US is in complete disarray. You can read how bad it is from LyondellBasell’s customer letter. Subsequently, the two railroad companies operating in the United States restricted traffic on their networks due to high demand and operational and staffing problems. The result: significant traffic jams and delays in the movement of goods and cargo of all kinds. The U.S. regulator has also issued an emergency service order that says grain shipments to some farms in the Northwest can use full priority and priority rail, and things aren’t really getting any better.

At least one piece of good news: After a major effort over the past few weeks to repair tracks and refurbish switches, the Romanian border crossing of Galati can now be used more for grain exports from Ukraine to Africa. Until now, most grain was transported by river freighters to the Black Sea port of Constantia. A repaired rail link to Galati can save at least some time.

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