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London prepares for the Queen's state funeral on Monday - Vienna Online - Stars

London prepares for the Queen’s state funeral on Monday – Vienna Online – Stars

On Monday 19 September 2022, Queen Elizabeth II will be buried at a state funeral in London.

London is preparing for a logistical peak at the state funeral of Queen Elizabeth II. The Queen’s funeral will begin at 12 noon on Monday.

Transport for London (TfL) expects around one million visitors to visit Queen Elizabeth II’s state funeral on Monday. Their boss Andy Byford told the Palestinian News Agency: “We are ready for one of the busiest days TfL has ever seen. It’s hard to say exactly how many more people will be traveling, but we’re putting the number into a potential million.”

One million visitors are expected to attend the Queen’s funeral

The head of the rail operator Network Rail, Peter Hendy, has warned of “very crowded” trains. “This is the largest spread of public transport since the 2012 London Olympics and Paralympics.” We work closely with all train operators.

More than 10,000 British soldiers at the Queen’s funeral

More than 10,000 British military personnel will attend Queen Elizabeth II’s state funeral. Chief of Defense Staff Adm. Tony Radakin told the BBC it was “huge”. 6,000 soldiers and members of the Navy and Air Force alone will march in processions in London and Windsor or stand on the respective roads. Officials must also assist the emergency services.

The state funeral of Queen Elizabeth II begins at 12 noon on Monday

The state funeral will begin on Monday at 12:00 PM (CEST) in Westminster Abbey. According to the information, about 250 more trains will be running on Monday – including some night trains. Planned motorway closures across England have also been suspended to reduce the risk of congestion on the transport network on Monday afternoon when visitors leave the capital.

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State funeral of Elizabeth II on screens

Queen Elizabeth II’s state funeral is also scheduled to appear at several locations across the UK on Monday. British news agency PA reported that it will be broadcast live in about 125 cinemas across the country and in some cathedrals. A large screen will take place in Holyrood Park in front of the Royal Palace in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Queen Elizabeth II passed away on September 8 at the age of 96

The Queen died on September 8 at the age of 96. Her coffin was laid in London until Monday morning. Then there shall be a solemn ceremony at Westminster Abbey before she is buried with her family at Windsor in the evening.