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Lost wedding ring rediscovered in the field after 50 years

Thanks to the ambitious search of an acquaintance, an elderly Scottish woman is reunited with the prized piece in a potato field 50 years after losing her wedding ring. “I searched for three days and dug 90 holes,” amateur treasure hunter Donald McVeigh, who lives on the Scottish island of Benbecula, and is also elderly, told The Guardian (Friday edition). Discover the lost ring during a neighborhood conversation.

McPhee went out with his metal detector and found all sorts of leftover beverage cans and other trash, with the meadow becoming a popular evening beer meeting today. “Then I found the ring on the third day,” said the Scotsman. “I was absolutely amazed. I searched 5,000 square meters and the odds were 1: 100,000. It was definitely my best find.”

86-year-old Peggy MacSween gave up hope of discovery long ago. Her husband John, who had died a few years earlier and whom she married in 1958, had already given her another ring as a replacement while on a trip. “I couldn’t believe it, but suddenly it was there,” she said of the rediscovered wedding ring. “I thought I’d never see him again.”

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