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Lu Ann: You still can't believe it

Lu Ann: You still can’t believe it

Lou-Anne has managed to prove herself against her fellow activists that she is the “next German supermodel”. It is still difficult for them to achieve victory.

Lou Ann (19 years old) is the “next German supermodel”! The self-confident Austrian was able to prove herself against her fellow activists in the seventeenth season, the season of diversity. In addition to the cover of “Harper’s Bazaar” and an advertising deal with Mac Cosmetics, the 19-year-old waited for a prize money of 100,000 euros. In an interview with the news agency Spot on the News, Lou-Anne revealed what the first words were to her mother Martina (50), who also participated in the season and finished third in the final. In addition, the rising model talks about his goals in the modeling business, strengths on the catwalk and the upcoming mother’s holiday.

When you were able to consciously think for the first time yesterday, what were you thinking?

Lou Ann: I didn’t really realize until now that I won. This is yet to come. But I just wanted to enjoy this evening in general, to have fun and not think about anything else. That’s up to me anyway. So I didn’t think much of anything else.

What are the first words you exchanged with your mother after the decision?

Lou Ann: My mom told me she’s very proud of me. And what did you say? That everything you did seemed so great. Then we talked briefly about the show in general. But only briefly, because something came from every angle.

What was the evening like for you yesterday, did you party a long time ago?

Lou Ann: Yeah, of course, that happened after the show party. I was there with a few other candidates and a few friends and family. We stayed there until 4:30 in the morning. And it was really funny. We really danced the whole time and enjoyed this moment again. I think I went to bed at 5:00 in the morning.

In a year, what would you like to say when you look back?

Lou Ann: Well, good things take time. Of course I want to stay in the business model and try to use that profit. Whether it is a photo session or a catwalk. But basically modeling, not “effect”, that’s not really a thing. I don’t like being in front of my phone and then talking. I only want to have a career as a model if I have already made such a move.

I had also thought about a career as a fashion designer, maybe that could be combined in some way?

Lou Ann: Actually, I never thought about a career as a designer. I did it because I really wanted to do something creative. But I knew from the start that I would never work in a hair salon. Especially as an employee, if so, then your salon. But this does not satisfy me very much.

Why do you think you beat the other candidates in the end?

Lou Ann: I heard a lot yesterday about having such a strong presence on the runway. And that my eyes were very focused. I really enjoyed this moment and wanted to do my best. Just get it all out of me again, because I knew this was last night. But what really made Heidi do that, I don’t know, because I really think other people are pretty strong. I could never have made that decision because we are so different. I don’t even know how you defined it exactly. For me they were all great!

So do you think it’s a good idea not to stand there with your mother?

Lou Ann: It wasn’t like I was like, “Thank God, my mom came out before me.” I didn’t think about it at all because I thought it was so cute that he let us do the final together. We’ve done this whole trip together. On the one hand, I thought it was unfortunate that she “only” came in third, but on the other hand we can’t influence that. Heidi made the decision and after that I was just hoping that I could move on and maybe win.

Has your relationship with your mother changed over the season?

Lou Ann: No, the relationship between me and my mom hasn’t changed at all. Not in a particularly negative sense, we have a really good bond with each other. We get along great, we love doing things together. Every two years there is a vacation between mother and daughter. There was nothing that could be improved.

Already planning an upcoming mother-daughter vacation?

Lou Ann: We haven’t actually talked about where to go next. But we definitely said that if one of us wins, she invites the other on vacation. (Laugh)

How are things going for you locally? Is Klosterneuburg an area you can imagine visiting in the next few years, or would you prefer Milan or even New York?

Lou Anne: I certainly do not intend to stay in Klosterneuburg. This is not mine at all. I always wanted to move to Vienna, but now I don’t really want to because I’m bored there. It’s so small that I don’t even know what to do there. It’s not the ideal place to go on a flight either. But I won’t move right away either. However, at some point, the plan is sure to move on to something completely different. Whether it’s the USA or London… definitely not Austria and not Germany either.

Many candidates have already had time to look for outside jobs. Have you had any successes there?

Lou Ann: I have some questions that need to be answered. It is important to me that it is nothing. I want him to go in the right direction for me. Sure, you can accept any collaboration, but that also leads me down the influencer path, which I don’t personally want.

Did winning the diversity relay mean a lot to you?

Lou Ann: Actually, I didn’t really think about being in the diversity sequel. For me it didn’t really change anything. It was a great time anyway. I loved having so many different characters and genres, but it wasn’t a point where I was like, “I was in the diversity continuum, so I’m much happier with my win.”

So for you, this is already the norm, which is how it should be. So it’s not a big issue anymore?

Lou-Ann: Absolutely, it’s normal for me and you can also see that changing in the fashion world and in the modeling business. Very slow but coming.

Your composure has always been praised. Is there a ritual behind it?

Lou Ann: I am very simple by nature. But when I get a little nervous, I usually just stand there and take a deep breath, close my eyes, and say, “It’s going to be okay. Just enjoy the moment.” And that it was.


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