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Luke Mockridge

Luke Mockridge has canceled all shows planned for 2022

This time it’s not a multi-minute video of comedian and presenter Luke Mockridge speaking, but a short, brief post: The 32-year-old has announced that he is extending a break indefinitely due to current reports. The TV break was actually limited to 2021. Mockridge had confirmed at the end of August that he wanted first and foremost to “gather himself in silence”. Shortly thereafter, the broadcaster Sat.1 backed him up by announcing that he would plan to show “All Together Now” in 2022 with Luke as the presenter. The format must be produced by his company Lucky Pics with Endemol Shine Germany.

“I need time, rest, and distance to understand, learn, and heal,” Mockridge wrote on his account. “That is why I cannot and will not direct the Saturday 1 shows already announced for next year.” So it should be clear that Luke’s other projects at the station, such as time formats Peaks like “Catch”, “Great Night Show” or “Luke – Die Schule & Ich” are still pending.

This was preceded by the current Spiegel report, which sparked new allegations against Mockridge. Meanwhile, the 32-year-old does not plan to shut down television forever, concluding his short statement with the words: “We’ll see you again.” If Sat.1 wants to stick to the current schedule, the broadcaster must now find a new host for the “All Together Now” music format. In addition, the planned seasons of Luke’s other shows must first be paid for.

In response to’s request, Saturday 1 spokesperson Christoph Korver said on Saturday morning: “We respect Luke Mockridge’s decision to extend the rest period and not modify the announced Saturday 1 shows for 2022.”

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