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Lusk v Sturm on “Doping Final Cup”


LASK maneuvered into an awkward position with a 1: 3 against Sturm Graz a few days earlier. Now athletes are being squeezed twice this week from the truth. On May 1, the Cup Final against Salzburg will be the first to win the title since 1965. But first and foremost, points must be scored against Sturm in the Bundesliga on Wednesday so that second and third places are not completely lost in our minds.

LASK finished the first series of the tournament group with just four points from five matches (goal difference 4: 9) as the worst team. Coach Dominic Thalhammer was asked about his work as a psychiatrist in fourth place. “We tried very hard and ruthlessly to come to terms with the last game and today, on the other hand, we tried to increase the confidence of the team and show where the true standard lies.”

1: 3 against Sturm was still present on Tuesday. Thalamer analyzed a kind of self-falling. “They were not the team that played on the ground. We gave the match only as a gift.” To get his angry team back on the right track, Thalhammer distributed verbal patting. “The team is amazing. Their abilities and skills are great. We played a lot of good games in the fall. We also played very good games in the spring, even if the spring is often viewed very negatively from the outside,” Thalhammer said. Salzburg match (0: 2).

Providing the extra strength to stand up to the “cops” in the final on May 1 is not the case against Sturm. “The best doping for the Cup Final is tomorrow’s victory,” Thalhammer stressed.

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With Johannes Egstein, for example, Graz’s top scorer of the season didn’t come in until after a good hour. Defender Andres Andrade also survived. Both could start again on Wednesday. The powerful Renner Renner is missing after a kick to the calf. Thomas Goeginger conveyed the belief in the group: “We have to act as a team as one”.

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This spirit should also narrow the path of striker Kelvin Yebuah, whom Linz’s team was only able to block with two penalty kicks. Thalhammer said that a “standard” was set in the game against Salzburg: “The way you deviated from us over the course of 90 minutes in the Batson Dhaka group was fantastic. That’s it.” The single situation between Gernot Trauner and Yeboah should be avoided as much as possible.

“I am convinced that Gernot Trauner will face one or the other with Kelvin tomorrow,” Christian Ilzer pledged with a broad smile. It wasn’t just against Trauner, whom Ilzer described as a “brutal quality player”, that he thought of something again. The Storm Boss won’t shake the basic recipe, and it’s the fastest game possible at the top. Also out of respect for LASK “Ultimate Top Team”: “Every pass you play is a pressure point for LASK.”

Curious: Pasching’s miniature playground has shrunk into a kind of medium swing after a temporary increase since Monday. The German League explained that the reason for this was that the safety distances required for the panels in the new version were very small.

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The mood in the storm seems calm. The team reliably wins the majority of duels, continues to provide the best defense in the league with one goal per match and now reaches third in the turmoil season. If there was another win over LASK, Sturm, who are first in a tie, would already be four points ahead. If Salzburg wins the cup, third place means no fewer than six matches in the group stage of the newly created Conference League, which media reported an entry fee of € 4 million.


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