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Machine keys and rules

Machine keys and rules

Clutch handle and gearshift knob go into the void: How quickly do you get used to the fact that the dual-clutch transmission takes over the shifting work in Honda’s new Tourer NT1100? And do you want that at all?

Vienna. In cars, shifting gears yourself is a thing of the past. In the upper classes, automatic has long been the norm, and with good reason; mercedes All manual keys will be phased out next year. We will see many auto manufacturers follow suit.

But why do people keep grabbing and clicking bikes? It has also stopped on scooters. Supersports have the tools to move quickly up and down gears without using a clutch. Why switch gears yourself? Assumption: Here, too, we head toward a discontinued model.

But classic gears are still standard, and many cyclists don’t want to imagine them any other way. But to what extent does driving pleasure depend on the clutch lever? We’ve tried Honda’s DCT (Dual Clutch Transmission) technology on a number of models, from the mighty Gold Wing to the feisty X-ADV to the Africa Twin. So there’s nothing new about it: this thing is technically waterproof and doesn’t cause fake pain.

Perhaps unfamiliar at first, you will soon begin to appreciate the convenience of being able to neglect manual labor – not only in the city traffic obstacle course, where it is evident, but also when driving in a beautiful and pleasant way around the country.

The prerequisite, of course, is that the transmission does what you want it to do. If you wear it very sporty, we recommend the Tour mode, which quickly sends gears down when braking in a curve and exhausts speed when pulling, provided the corresponding will is expressed on the throttle grip. Annoying moments also appear when, for example, you quickly accelerate when approaching a traffic light in order to sit in front of the starting cars; This can confuse the automatic switch. Or if the high speed is maintained for too long. But overall: Excellent for DCT. It is not a facility that spoils the fun of cycling.

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But comfort costs more, with the NT1100 which costs €15,590 it is €1,200. If you do a narrow calculation anyway, it is better to invest the money in equipment. NT1100 Heavy 238 kg (with DCT: plus 10 kg) is explained quickly: Tourer with 1084 cc two-cylinder Africa Twin (102 hp), only with a modified road chassis; Active five-way adjustable windshield (manually), heated handles and cruise control respectively. It is best to take your time to learn many of the functions of the on-board system via the touch screen: the phases of the traffic lights are certainly too short for that.