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MacOS critical hole: Install the update urgently

MacOS critical hole: Install the update urgently

Apple just doesn’t have it iOS 14.5 for his iPhone devices It was released, but it also introduced a critical update to macOS 11. The update to 11.3 should be implemented as quickly as possible, as the release delivers a dangerous vulnerability that is already being exploited by attackers. This is a loophole that undermines important protection mechanisms in macOS.

Install macOS 11.3 quickly

Such as security researcher Cedric Owens mentionedIn this article, it is possible that the vulnerability was already present in the previous version of macOS Catalina (10.15) and was already exploited to install malware and spyware. Malware is hidden in fake software. If users install and open the supposed program, which is only a shell, then the malware will not be detected by the system’s internal security software.

Owens, who reported the vulnerability to Apple on March 25, urged Mac users to update their systems. Because the vulnerability eliminates three security functions. If used, macOS doesn’t ask as usual if a file just downloaded from the Internet should actually be executed. Gatekeeper usually blocks installations that aren’t performed by a known Apple developer. The third function usually scans apps for malware before installing them.

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