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macOS Sonoma is now available

macOS Sonoma is now available

Already in June 2023, Apple presented a new version of macOS at its developer conference WWDC. MacOS Sonoma will replace the current MacOS Ventura operating system. A few months later, macOS Sonoma is now available as a software update.

The new software introduces a variety of new features for Macs designed to make work and play even more powerful. With macOS Sonoma, now you can Widgets directly on your desktop To be placed. For example, users can perform tasks such as checking reminders, controlling smart home functions, or playing media directly from the gadget. macOS Sonoma offers one, too Define new screensavers, which displays slow-motion videos from different locations around the world. These landmarks include the Hong Kong skyline, Monument Valley in Arizona, and the hills in Sonoma. These screensavers blend seamlessly into your desktop background when opened.

Image: Apple

Video conferencing has enhanced features that allow for more effective presentation and content sharing in any video conferencing application. Browsing with Safari just got easier Introduction of profiles, which can separate browsing by topics such as work or school, has been improved. Users can too Add any website to the dockfor an app-like experience.

New game mode and high performance mode

The gaming experience on macOS Sonoma is enhanced by Game mode has been improved, which provides higher frame rates and lower latency when using Bluetooth controllers and AirPods. Other updates include improved note-taking features, the ability to share passwords in groups, improved search and reply features in messages, smart shopping lists in Reminders, and an update to the keyboard’s autocorrect and dictation features. Besides, there is one new High performance mode In a screen sharing application for faster remote access to high-bandwidth connections.

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The new software update is from now on Available for all iMac as of 2019, Macbook Air as of 2018, Macbook Pro as of 2018, Mac Pro as of 2019, Mac Studio and Mac Mini as of 2018. You can find an overview of concrete support on the linked page Apple page.


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