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Major fire in Bolzano: The electronic charging station factory catches fire

Major fire in Bolzano: The electronic charging station factory catches fire

A factory and warehouse belonging to a company in the artisan district of Pozner Boden in Bolzano, the capital of South Tyrol, caught fire on Wednesday morning for an unknown reason yet. A large cloud of black smoke can be seen in the images.

About 100 Floreians were killed in a major fire in Bolzano

South Tyrol media reported that several buildings surrounding the hall, including a high school, were evacuated for safety reasons. About 100 firefighters were deployed, and there were no injuries. The fire was largely under control around midday and the flames were prevented from spreading to the production hall of the affected Alpitronic, a power electronics developer.

No injuries were reported, and no employees were present in the building. The hall was unusable due to renovation work. The hall was also apparently empty, so no expensive machinery or components were destroyed by the fire.

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Posted by South Tyrol State Fire Association In the Wednesday, May 8, 2024

The cause of the fire was not clear at first. Eyewitnesses reported a loud explosion and a fire that broke out within seconds.

Civil Defense recommended keeping windows and doors closed and turning off air conditioning and ventilation systems. The state said that due to the current weather conditions, the smoke cloud is rising vertically and therefore does not pose an immediate danger. The all-clear was also given when it came to toxic gases: neither batteries nor chemicals were affected. To be on the safe side, the professional fire brigade and the State Agency for the Environment and Climate Protection were in the process of taking samples and examining them for possible residues in order to be able to give the all clear.

Ash rain falls on Bolzano

Meanwhile, a shower of ash fell on the state capital. The airspace over Bolzano was also closed for a short time due to the massive smoke cloud. Meanwhile, State Counselor and Civil Protection Officer Arno Compacher also immediately got an idea of ​​the situation. The state chief explained, “The firefighters' operation worked perfectly and the situation is now under control. What is important is that there was no danger to people and no injuries were reported. Regarding air pollution, no dangerous substances were affected.” For a report by Ray Südtirol.

(Source: APA)

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