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Major police operation in Aachen hospital

Major police operation in Aachen hospital

As of: March 4, 2024 at 10:44 p.m

In Aachen, a major police operation is currently underway around a clinic in the city centre. There are indications of a “potential threatening situation,” according to police. Accordingly, a 65-year-old woman barricaded herself in one of the rooms.

As the police announced, there was a “suspicious person” in the clinic – a 65-year-old woman. The Special Operations Team (SEK) is deployed from Cologne to the Luisenhospital. According to authorities in Cologne, SEK officials are conducting direct negotiations with the 65-year-old. It is not known whether she makes any demands. It is also unclear if there was anyone else in the room. So far, police have only evacuated other rooms in the area.

According to WDR information, so-called disarmament devices of the State Police have now been put in place Aachen receipt. Police sources said they specialize in improvised explosives. It is unclear whether the 65-year-old woman was armed or even had explosives. It was confirmed that she may have set off fireworks near the operating room.

The identity of the 65-year-old man is known

Emergency services in Luisenhospital

The identity of the 65-year-old man is known to police. – She must not be sick or working at home. It is not clear who was able to identify her, and the police are taking the situation seriously. Many rooms are said to have been disinfected. The entire street in front of Luisenhospital was filled with emergency vehicles that evening. A police helicopter also flew over the clinic.

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The fire department was also on scene as smoke was reported from the hospital. According to current information, the woman was admitted to the hospital in the afternoon. According to police information, no one was injured. It is currently unclear how long the process will continue.

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